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Daiki Rubber

Daiki Rubber Industry

Daiki Rubber Industry Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Kisco Ltd. We are researching the development of rubber that meets the needs of modern table tennis and what users are looking for in table tennis rubber.

Product Line up

Spin tension rubber

A rubber that can achieve both speed and spin performance at a high level because the deformation and restoring force of the rubber at the time of hitting the ball acts more than the conventional rubber.

High-grip seats and sponges with large bubbles manufactured with the latest technology bring out high spin performance and speed.

Tension rubber

A rubber that specializes in speed performance by applying tension to the rubber itself.

High speed performance is brought out with a straight trajectory by the combination that emphasizes speed and the original tension technology.

Adhesive rubber

A rubber that has adhesiveness on the rubber surface and is easy to spin for services and cuts.

By integrally molding the sticky component with a special manufacturing method, the sheet surface is made sticky and high spin performance is brought out.

High elasticity and high friction rubber

A rubber that has a good balance of speed and spin performance and is used by many players regardless of level.

By blending natural rubber and synthetic rubber in a well-balanced manner, the original elasticity and frictional force of rubber are brought out. It also has excellent durability.

Table soft rubber

The rubber is suitable for front-end haste type, heterogeneous attack type, and defensive type because the grain is on the front side, the spin performance is low, but it is not easily affected by the opponent's spin, and the ball is released quickly.

By combining with sponges with different grain shapes, arrangements, and elasticity, features such as speed, spin, and knuckle are brought out.

Large exclusive rubber

A rubber specially developed to make the table soft rubber the most effective for large balls.

By redesigning the seat and sponge, we have brought out high performance in both spin and speed in large balls .



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