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KISCO supports the electronics industry from the material aspect. In the electronics related market which develops in various processes, our motto is to provide materials to our customers in an accurate and rapid manner using our expertise in various fields as well as our mastery (‘know-how’) of material properties.


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Electronics related market



Electronics products enrich our life. KISCO provides semiconductor materials and electronic components that are essential for manufacturing electronics products. In addition, we provide materials for peripheral devices, special components, liquid crystal display, plasma display, and high luminance LED displays.


KISCO’s greatest strength lies in the combination of our various individual capabilities. These include; the development capabilities that allow us to handle diverse requirements from various different fields for products such as automotive parts, housing and building materials, home electronic parts, electronic equipment parts and materials, and parts for sports and leisure goods, the responsiveness that allows us to support rationalization and improvements to the efficiency of users’ production processes; and our procurement capabilities that allow us to offer the best possible raw materials from around the world.

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