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Modified epoxy resin

What is EpiFine?

EpiFine are the products of modified Epoxy resins. Epoxy resins are thermosetting resin which have the properties such as electrical, mechanical, adhesiveness or chemical properties. EpiFine are produced for maximizing such Epoxy properties by blending.

We offer a wide range of EpiFine products in the forms such as LED encapsulations, One-component blended resins, Two-component blended resins or UV curing adhesive. As one of our strength, we can develop and propose the customized products as following the desired properties such as heat-resistant, weather-resistant, curing temperature (room temperature to 200 ℃) or hardness (rubber like to solid).

Customer market

Various electronics devices or components

(Automotive parts, Optical communication devices, Semiconductors (LED), Display devices, Large-size motors, etc.)

Features and main usage




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: Modified epoxy resin