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In our 6 business domains, we create the ultimate values by aiming to provide the maximum satisfactions of our customers as integrated material solution providers. We always aim to provide optimal solutions by considering the quality, cost and environment.

 -  Electronic
 -  Synthetic Resin/Rubber
 -  Chemical
 -  Biotechnology
 -  Life science
 -  Parylene Coating


As material specialists, we have sustained the new product developments in various fields through the corporate activities that take advantage of our experiences and achievements in providing advanced materials for each era. Nowadays, the scopes of our activities extend to develop original products depending on the material needs by our customers in addition to providing the optimal material selections  or consulting the processing services.

We provide our customers with the best possible “information”, “materials”, “products”, “technologies” and “services” in a wide range of industries.


    • From Upstream supply chain until Downstream supply chain of various markets in our target domains as Electronics, Plastics, Chemicals, we engage in the business and provide the optimal values.
    • We can utilize the wide global networks of branches & our business partners as well as manufacturing or processing functions by our group companies in order to make best proposals.
    • With the achievements and experiences backed by 100 years operations of KISCO group, We aim to provide better solutions.