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KISCO provides various types of coatings, raw materials of coating agents and products.
For raw materials, we supply constituent raw materials (acrylic, polyester, epoxy, etc.) and various additives (pigment (titanium oxide, carbon black), initiator (peroxide, UV initiator), curing agent (isocyanate, epoxy curing agent), silane coupling agent, silicone anti foaming agent).
We also supply coating material/agents and provide similar services for ink and resin coloring.

Customer market

Automotive market, building market, electronic display market, plastic market, ink market, resin coloring, wood, etc.


We are involved in the sales of constituent raw material of coatings (acrylic, urethane, epoxy, silicone, etc.), raw material of various type of additives (initiator, curing agent, pigment (titanium oxide, carbon black), organic particle (acrylic beads, urethane beads), and silane coupling agent, surface-active chemical agents, etc.). We also supply finished products (coating material/related and ink).
Global business development
We exchange information closely with our domestic and overseas business partners.
We also have local subsidiary companies in China, South Korea, Taiwan, South East Asia, Europe (Germany), and North/South America which provides us with a global information network.

Main services

Sales of raw material
  • Acrylic:Various acrylic acid ester, acrylic oligomer, acrylic polymer
  • Urethane:Various isocyanate, various polyor
  • Epoxy:Epoxy resin
  • Solvent:Ketone group, alcohol group, ester group, etc.
Sales of additives
  • Initiator (peloxide, UV initiator), curing agent (various isocyanate, epoxy curing agent)
  • Adhesion imparting agent (various silane coupling agents)
  • Inorganic pigment (titanium oxicide, carbon black, nanofiller, etc.)
  • Organic pigment (acrylic beads, urethane beads)
  • Conductive imparting agent (fluorine-modified ion liquid)
  • Surface-active chemical agent (fatty group, fluorine group), anti-foaming agent (silicone group)

Product Line up