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PCB mounting material

Conformal Coating

Kisco is a professional distributor for conformal coating material. Conformal coating is a protective chemical coating that ‘conforms’ to the circuit board technique. Its purpose is to protect electronic circuits preventing corrosion from harsh environments that may contain moisture and or chemical contaminants.

We have wide range product line include Acrylic (AR) series, Urethane (PU) series, Synthetic Rubber (RU) series, Silicone (SR) series, water-based series, UV Curable series characterized with environmental friendliness, fast curing and high efficiency.

Potting Material

PCB potting is a method used to protect circuit boards (referred to in these contexts as the substrate) by filling the substrate’s enclosure with a liquid material called a potting compound or encapsulation resin. The potting compound fills the device’s enclosure and, in most cases, covers the entire circuit board and its components, although in some cases it can be used to pot individual components.

Potting provides excellent resistance to heat, chemicals, impacts and other common environmental hazards. Typical potting compound materials include epoxy, polyurethane and silicone compounds.

Chip-bonding Adhesive

Before soldering, components with pin contacts or SMDs are often bonded to the PCB with adhesive. This allows, for example, several capacitors, electrolytic capacitors and coils to be positioned on a circuit board and cured within just a few seconds to prevent their falling over or sliding out of position on the PCB. The secured components can then be reflow-soldered in a single work step, which saves time and speeds up production.

Kisco also has variety of product from some makers that can be meet the requirement of hi-end customer

Cleaning Agent

We can provide cleaning solutions have been specifically developed for high-end industries where the highest cleanliness levels are required. We offer a complete line of cleaning products based on various technologies for SMT as well as power electronics production. Our various solution as we can make as below:

  • - Cleaning (Deflux, stencils, screen masks, carrier pallet, reflow oven etc.) We are developing cleaning equipment and cleaning agents for electronic circuits, parts, printing masks, various metals and processed resin products.
  • - Cleaning agents can be replaced with CFCs and ethane.
  • - Cleaning targets and purposes range from flux cleaning, cleaning of ink, paste, and paint, degreasing, removal of impurities and surface modification.

Solder mask

Solder mask also known as solder resist is a strong, permanent layer that protects copper traces and the interfaces between them on printed circuit boards (PCBs). The main function of a solder mask is to prevent conductive solder bridging between different electronic components and causing short circuits. We can provide 4 main type of PCB soldermask, such as Epoxy Liquid, Liquid Photoimageable, Dry Film Photoimageable, Top- and Bottom-side Masks.

Embossed Carrier Tapes

Kisco standard carrier tapes are provided in single and level wind reel configurations. The number of meters of carrier tape that will fit on a given reel is conditional upon the pocket pitch, pocket depth and reel configuration. Standard carrier tape is manufactured in accordance with EIA, JIS and EIAJ standards in a range of widths from 8mm to 200mm, and lengths up to 1000 meters, depending on the size and orientation of the device being packaged. Kisco will assit a manufacturing process and material to ensure your requirements are met.



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