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Parylene Coating

What is Parylene?

The history of parylene begins with its discovery in the 1940s, parylene is a polymer created from a chemical compound known as dimer, which is in powder form. The dimer is vaporized, undergoes pyrolysis, is transformed into a gaseous state (now a monomer), cooled, and then introduced to a vacuum chamber where it polymerizes and becomes a film, which is deposited on virtually any available surface. Polymerization occurs at a very low pressure and at near room temperature. The entire process is known as CVD, or Chemical Vapor Deposition.

This film is actually parylene, which has bonded during the deposition process and becomes a thin protective coating. Unlike liquid coatings, parylene completely penetrates all crevices and uniformly coats surfaces such as sharp points, cavities, edges, corners and even the minutest pores. It conforms to almost any exposed surface and is pinhole free. Parylene provides unsurpassed barrier protection against organic as well as inorganic compounds.

Since the coating process takes place at ambient temperature in a mild vacuum, and because of the conformal properties of parylene, it has a wide variety of applications. Parylene is widely used to coat:

    - Medical devices and instruments (syringes, catheters, implants)
    - Electronic components (pcb, motors, assemblies)
    - Aerospace and Aviation electronics and other components
    - Military and defense parts 
    - LEDS (Displays, SMD, circuit arrays)  
    - MEMS
    - Nanotech
    - Semiconductor products (probes, membranes, other)
    - Silicone gaskets, seals, O-rings
    - Rare earth magnets
    - Glass
    - Wire and Cable
    - Biotechnology

Key Features of diX coating

1. High gas barrier properties (to H2O, O2 etc.)
2. Exceptional corrosion resistance
3. Strong resistance to most chemicals (Acids, Alkalis and Solvents)
4. High dielectricity, low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor
5. Excellent flexibility and mechanical properties at super low temperatures
6. Exceptional radiation resistance in oxygen free environments
7. No measurable out-gassing
8. Meets standards for Mil-I-46058C, IPC-CC-830B, UL94 V-0, FDA Drug and Device Master files, USP Class VI biocompatibility testing, and ISO 10993 for medical devices

diX Parylene coatings provide excellent protective coating that shields against harsh conditions such as corrosive environments, high temperatures and moisture. The creativity and ingenuity of engineers and designers have made the board area dramatically smaller over the last 10 years. Semiconductors, hybrid circuits, printed circuit boards and surface mounts technologies have been developing constantly. diX Parylene coating is a truly conformal coating with ultra thin film that meets the high requirements of these technologies by having a negligible impact on both weight and thickness. diX Parylene coating drastically reduces problems when assembling small components.

Advanced coatings for advanced electronics for medical devices

diX Parylene coatings offer long term use in medical devices. Parylene film conforms closely to surface with any irregular shapes. It is transparent, has high thermal stability and is biocompatible. Most important to medical devices, it provides all these properties while being chemically inert to moisture, bio-fluid and most chemicals.

Example usage : RFID, medical elastomeric products and implantable medical devices

Reliable protection suitable

Why choose KISCO Parylene?

diX Parylene coatings are applied within a vacuumed condition chamber at room temperature. This allows the parylene to be used on many substrates including ferrets, rubbers, papers, resins, glass and metals. We have been developing our own coating technology and use the purest available raw materials, the purest Parylene on earth (> 99%). Since 1921, KISCO has been at the forefront of material science and polymer materials. We have our own scientists, research facilities, manufacturing facilities and cooperativeprograms with major universities all around the world. Please feel free to contact us. We can meetyour scientific, engineering, manufacturing or geographical logistics requirements