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Hot runner System


Main application


Overall structure of Hot Runner System

1. Valve Gate System

With its topless structure, the gate is machined directly into the cavity, which is advantageous to cooling effectiveness and transcription of pin diameter. In case of valve equipped with separate tip heater located at its front-end, the tip heater can heat synchronously with the molding cycle to employ intermittent heating. This unique function facilitates the molding of the crystalline resins.

2. Spear System

Spear probe has long service life because of its thermal valve principle having no sliding part. The resin at the sprue and runner is kept molten to maintain constant fluidity. Depending on the temperature of the gate land and a die, a very small amount of the resin solidifies along with the resin inside of the cavity. After the molded product is removed, the spear tip is heated up to instantly melt the solidified resin at the gate land just before the next injection.

3. Manifold

Superb energy savings with its weight minimized but without compromising the main functions. 

Temperature uniformity.

No dead spot in flow path. We have know-how in designing and machining.

4. Controller

It features user-friendly hot runner operation and a high degree of accuracy. WMC controller can be monitored/controlled through a Windows PC by adapting optional elements such as signal tower, switch box, big-screen entry unit, PC connection module. Moreover, it is possible to centrally control more than one controller through one PC. it is also possible to put temperature and output current on record (CSV format) by means of its logging function.



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: Hot runner System
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