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Glue for Wood & Paper





What is KONY BOND®

KONY BOND is the brand of Glue for wooden or paper products made in VietNam. Konishi Lemindo Vietanm has established in 2010 as the consolidated subsidiary of Konishi Co., Ltd. (established since 1925) that is one of the leading companies of adhesive industry in Japan. There are mainly 3 types of Water-base Emulsion Adhesives (Water-base Vinyl acetate or Emersion polymer isocyanate) in the line-up of KONY BOND as PVAc, EVA or EPI.

Line-up of KONY BOND®

1. PVAc (Glue for Paper or Wooden products) :

‣PVAc = Polyvinyl Acetate
‣Commonly known as “wood glue”, “white glue”, “school glue “ or “carpenter's glue”
‣Can be used for porous materials like Wood, Paper or Cloth
‣Application … Bonding woods such as Finger Joint, Dowel Joint, Carton box, Paper-core or Paper-bags etc.

‣Grade… CH33XL, CH42, CP24 etc.

2. EVA (Glue for the other material):

‣EVA = Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
‣Can be used for MDF, PB+ melamine, PVC or Melamine
‣Application…Decorated Paper, Coated paper, Wood, PVC and Melamine etc.

‣Grade… CV3007MW, CV3007FM etc.

3. EPI (Glue for Lamination : Two-components):

‣EPI= Emersion polymer isocyanate.
‣Can be used for laminations of all kinds of woods
‣Can be used for hot-pressing
‣Wide range of products for wood laminations from soft wood to hard wood
‣Application… Wood lamination, Furniture etc.
‣Mixing ratio rate…12-15%, Potlife…20 min. after mixing, Pressing time…45 minutes.

‣Grade… CU3, CU59, etc.


 ■   KONY BOND inherit 60 years experiences and technology of the bond business in Konishi Co., Ltd..
 ■   The products are produced in VietNam with Japan quality.
 ■   Comply with the quality standard as JAIA F★★★★ and 4VOC non Formaldehyde.




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: Glue for Wood & Paper