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Elastic Adhasive/ Highly Heat-Resistant

Thermal Conductive

SX-TCA series



  • Forms a highly thermally conductive elastic body and offers long-lasting thermal radiation at a high level.
  • Contains no low-molecular silicones, which can cause electrical contact failure.
  • Can be used to reduce screw usage due to its adhesion and adhesive reliability.
  • No compound bleeding and no shrinking – can be used as a curable grease.
  • Curing/half-curing, preventing pump-out.
  • Excellent adhesion and durability make it suitable for heat management solutions for vertical surfaces and parts affected by vibration.
  • Fast-curing, improving work efficiency.

No concern for pump out (compared to grease)


Product data

Adhesive properties for various types of adherends

(Tensile shear strength :MPa)
Adherends SX1008 SX1010 RH96L
Adhesive strength Failure Modes Adhesive strength Failure Modes Adhesive strength Failure Modes
Hard polyvinyl chloride 2.18 CF 1.61 CF 0.68 CF1AF9
Polycarbonate 2.16 CF 0.77 AF 0.82 CF2AF8
Polystyrene 1.98 CF 1.24 AF 0.61 AF
ABS 2.10 CF 1.24 CF5AF5 0.61 AF
Acryl 2.20 CF 1.60 CF 0.28 AF
Nylon 6 1.66 CF 1.28 CF 0.65 CF1AF9
Steel plate 2.23 CF 1.50 CF 0.55 AF7,Uncured3
Aluminum 2.85 CF 1.90 CF 0.76 AF

* CF:Cohesion Failure, AF:Adhesive Failure

The numbers indicate their proportion to the adhesion area.

Surface treatment: Steel plate is MEK degreased, Plastic is IPA degreased
Coating quantity: Coated on both sides 100μm thick (per side)
Open time: SX1008, SX1010 No open-time, RH96L 2 minutes
Curing: 23°C 50%RH x 7 days
Tension speed: 50mm/min



  Thermal Conductive Elastic Adhesive
SX1008 SX1010 RH96L
Application / Properties / Features RoHS compliant
UL94 V-0 Equivalent
Low viscosity High viscosity Heat resistance
Type One-Component Type Elastic Adhesive
Base Special acrylic-modified polymer
Appearance White paste White paste Gray paste
Viscosity Pa・s/23°C 120 650 250
SVI 2.0 4.2 4.5
Density g/cm3 1.98 2.00 2.15
Skin over time 23°C 3min 3min 7min
Cured properties Hardness Shore A 84 85 65
Glass transfer point °C -62 -62 -44
Breaking strength MPa 2.5 1.8 1.1
Elongation at break % 30 20 45
Thermal conductivity W/m・K 1.7 2.1 2.14
Linear expansion coefficient ppm/K   77 55
Electric Characteristics Volume resistivity Ω・cm 6.6 x 1012 1.3 x 1013 4.1 x 1011
Dielectric constant 1MHz 0.64 3.1 7.7
Dielectric loss tangent 1MHz 0.01 0.12 0.46
Insulation breakdown voltage kV/mm   38 22
Capacity 135ml 333ml
*Made to order
*Made to order
*Made to order

Viscosity: BS-type rotational viscometer (Rotor No. 7, 10 rpm)
SVI: Viscosity ratio between 10 rpm and 1 rpm
Density: Based on the specific gravity cup method in JIS K6833
Thermal conductivity: Compliant with JIS A1412
Volume resistivity: Compliant with JIS K6911 (measurement voltage: 500 V)
Dielectric constant: Compliant with JIS K6911 5.14
Dielectric loss tangent: Compliant with JIS K6911 5.14
Insulation breakdown strength: Increase the voltage until insulation breakdown occurs, and measure the voltage limit

: Elastic Adhasive/ Highly Heat-Resistant