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Elastic Adhasive/SX-PPK1000(EXP)

Elastic adhesive | SX For PP

Designed for polypropylene (PP) materials



  1. Designed for polypropylene (PP) materials
    Excellent adhesion to polypropylene resin, which is normally adhesive-resistant.

  2. One-part type
    Does not require primer application ,improving the work environment and increasing work efficiency.

  3. Adhesive for bonding different types of materials
    Excellent adhesion to polypropylene resin and various other materials. This is an elastic adhesive which can ease thermal stress caused by a difference in thermal expansion coefficient among different types of materials.

  4. Flexible Cured properties
    Designed for cured film properties that are excellent in flexibility and followings, and has excellent peel adhesion.




  • For bonding polypropylene resin with different types of materials.
    (Not suited for bonding materials such as polyethylene, fluorine, and polyacetal)
  • For bonding that requires durability (e.g. in relation to thermal cycles).
  • For bonding that requires waterproof performance.
  • For bonding related to PP automotive parts, and electrical components and parts.



Comparison with conventional adhesives

  Surface treatment method SX-PPK1000(EXP) Conventional
Tensile shear strength (MPa)
Untreated 1.4 0.3
Treated with PP dedicated primer Unnecessary 2.8
Treated with Corona discharge (Once) Unnecessary 0.7
(2 Times) 1.3
180°degree peel strength (N/25mm )
Untreated 75 3
Treated with PP dedicated primer Unnecessary 50
Treated with Corona discharge (Once) Unnecessary 10
(2 Times) 30

Tensile shear strength
Curing : 23°C50%RH x 7 days
Coating quantity : Coated on both sides 100μm thick (per side)
Application area : 25mm x 25mm
Tension speed: 50mm/min

180°degree peel strength
Curing : 23°C50%RH x 7 days
Coating quantity: Coated on both sides 300μm thick (per side)
Pressing : Rubber roller
Tension speed : 200mm/min





Application / Properties / Features Designed for polypropylene (PP) materials
Type One-part moisture-curing elastic adhesive
Base Acrylic modified silicone
Appearance Slightly yellowish-white paste
Viscosity Pa・s/23°C 120
Density g/cm3 1.23
Skin over time 23°C 15 min
Depth curing mm 1.63
Tensile shear strength PP(Talc 10wt%) MPa 1.6
180° degree peel strength PP(Talc 10wt%) x Canvas N/25mm 93.1
Curing properties Hardness Shore A 15
Breaking strength MPa 1.2
Elongation at break % 875
Capacity 333ml



: Elastic Adhasive/SX-PPK1000(EXP)
Elastic Adhasive/SX-PPK1000(EXP)